Indigenous10 Reasons indigenous polo shirts are popular

At Uniform Link we take great pride in celebrating First Nations’ culture through our ever-growing and striking range of Indigenous polo shirts. And over the years we’ve seen them grow in popularity. These customisable vibrant designs are loved by workplaces, Government bodies, schools, clubs and associations.

And it’s easy to see why.

Every Indigenous design tells a story

Indigenous art is rich in meaning. With storytelling always at the heart of these designs, people love embracing the ideas and themes and relating to the meaning.

It’s uniquely Australian

We Aussies love being Aussies. We love being different. And standing out from the international crowd and doing our own thing is what we do best. What better way to tell the world who we are, than to wear an indigenous design?

It’s a celebration of culture

We’ve seen some truly magical artworks turned into garments over the years. Every time we work on a project we’re excited to see what the artists are going to create, and we’re always reminded just special the indigenous culture is.

The colours really do come alive

Because we use dye sublimation techniques on so many of our garments, the colours really pop. They’re also incredibly accurate, which means that the customised shirt is a true representation of the original art.

School kids love them

School students don’t want to wear boring uniforms. They want colour and they want connection to their classmates. An indigenous school house shirt is a great way to inject a colourful design into your school uniform that is also culturally significant.

These house shirts are a positive way to impart an appreciation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture in the next generation.

Check out this house shirt we created for Mundijong Primary School – the same design but in red, blue and yellow to represent their sporting houses. Not only do they look the goods, these shirts became a positive conversation starter for our youngest generation.

Want more inspiration? Here’s 3 ways you can customise your school house shirts:

  • use of our Indigenous designs with your school’s house colours
  • highlight local native fauna and flora in your area
  • embrace a local totem or symbol for the country your school is on

You can be subtle or shout it out loud

One of the great things about indigenous art is that it looks great big, covering the whole shirt. It can also look just as powerful as an accent on the trim, down a sleeve or across a collar.

Our Uniform Link team can show you how to achieve a variety of effects and create a customised shirt that’s as subtle – or as bold – as you want.

Fishing clubs are hooked

Indigenous designs look amazing on a fishing shirt! Sublimation printing lends itself perfectly to having a colourful design that fills the entire garment.

Over the years we’ve worked with some incredible local indigenous artists to create one-of-a-kind designs. Take this artwork by Brad that was used for a range of Wilson Fishing shirts.

Not only does it look amazing, but there’s also a powerful story in the design of a father teaching his son to fish.

Businesses and Governments can wear their vision

We’ve worked with hundreds of local councils, state Governments and businesses to celebrate Australia’s cultural heritage with a custom designed Indigenous polo shirt.

With a wide range of manufacturing options up our sleeve, including sublimation which offers incredible vibrancy and durability, we’ll be able to help you create a meaningful design for your organisation.

In memoriam shirts are so powerful

With strong roots in far North Queensland, our team has created hundreds of In Memoriam garments to honour local indigenous community members who have passed.

We take immense care and respect in designing these in memoriam polos. We are mindful of traditions and practices, and closely collaborate with our clients and Indigenous artists to provide a tasteful design fit for the occasion.  

Indigenous sporting rounds gets bigger every year

Following the lead of the professional sporting teams, many clubs and associations are creating special indigenous playing uniforms or supporter polos.

Australia’s love of sport unites us all. By wearing a design that celebrates the culture of our Indigenous people, we share our history with pride and facilitate a culturally safe space for First Nations players, too. That’s a win for everyone.

Pro tip: don’t limit your designs to just polo shirts!

Remember your design doesn’t just have to be used on polos, we can also create tees, singlets, headwear, aprons and more. If you can think of it, we can make it happen!

Start your indigenous polo shirt today

Our polo designs are an expression of pride in our First Nations people, and their deep cultural heritage. The patterns, symbols and colours used in indigenous art are steeped in history and tradition.

At Uniform Link, we are proud to offer a range of designs as a starting point for your own Indigenous polo shirt.

Celebrate the richness and diversity of indigenous culture with Uniform Link!