When you’ve got a big design to be printed on garments, screen printing is a great solution!

Screen Printing is another versatile production technique that is recommended for bigger orders, especially when the design to be printed is large.

From schools, sporting associations to not-for-profit organisations and community events, clients who utilise our screen-printing services come from a wide range of backgrounds!

Plus, did you know that you can combine two different production techniques to create your ultimate branded garment? For example, we have tradie clients who get their logo embroidered on the front of their work shirts but use screen printing to display their company name loud and proud on the back.

Here at Uniform Link we will always discuss the best production solution based on your order size, design and number of colours to be printed, along with budget. Get started today!

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  • Incredibly versatile – loved by schools, sporting clubs, businesses, community organisations, events and individuals
  • Combine with other production techniques for the ultimate branded garment!
  • More cost effective in larger volumes
  • Long lasting (easy to wash and wear!) and soft feel


Combine With Other Production Techniques

Screen-printing is great for house names (schools) and large company logos, or event designs. Talk to us about how best to use screen-printing on your garments!

Perfect for Larger Prints

Unlike embroidery, screen printing is perfect when you want to print larger designs. It tends to be more cost effective (and long lasting) than digital heat transfer so better for larger volume orders.


Uniform Link has both local and Australian owned offshore screen-printing capabilities to suit both small and large orders.


Depending on your required delivery timeframes and volume, we will recommend the most cost-effective production or printing solutions to suit your needs and budget.


Uniform Link offer more than just an embroidery service. Our production capabilities also include pattern making, garment design, embroidery, sublimation printing, digital heat transfer and more!

And because we have 100% ownership of the supply chain from design to production and logistics, we ensure your garments will be delivered on time.


What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a print process with CMYK or spot colour which can be done on any custom made or supplied garment.