Sublimation Printing is one of the most versatile printing methods, offering high impact, vibrant and durable designs!

Digital Sublimation is a method of all over garment printing using 100% polyester fabric.

While other printing methods are limited to small designs or just a few colours – your design can be emblazoned across the ENTIRE garment with sublimation. You have the freedom to print on sleeves, collars, tabs, front and back, panels and even under the hems of your garment!

Sublimation Printing is one of our most popular production techniques for creating top end teamwear and sportswear.

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  • Minimum order quantity of 20
  • Small volume repeat orders available
  • Sublimation manufacturing is relatively new technology. The process continues to evolve and with that more competitive pricing can be achieved.
  • Durable, vibrant and breathable designs
  • Allow a turnaround time of 6 weeks


Durable & Breathable Designs

Sublimation is perfect for sports apparel as the design is “sublimated” into the fibres so the garment is still breathable. Even if you don’t plan on working up a sweat, it’s cool & comfortable, so a popular choice for polo shirts + headwear!

High Speed Production

Uniform Link has a brand new state-of-the-art high-speed digital sublimation printer that can print up to 400 square metres per hour – that’s 41,300 garments in a month!


Uniform Link has both local and Australian owned offshore sublimation capabilities. We have multiple machines in our production facilities as sublimation printing is one of our most sought-after solutions.


Depending on your required delivery timeframes and volume, we will recommend the most cost-effective production or printing solutions to suit your needs and budget.


Uniform Link offer more than just an embroidery service. Our production capabilities also include embroidery, pattern making, screen printing, digital heat transfer and more!

And because we have 100% ownership of the supply chain from design to production and logistics, we ensure your garments will be delivered on time.


What is sublimation printing?

Using a combination of extremely high heat and pressure, ink is “sublimated” directly into the material fibres resulting in an impressive design that is vibrant, durable and fade resistant.

What material can be sublimation printed?

Due to nature of this production technique (high heat and pressure), sublimation printing can only be done on 100% polyester fabrics. Recent times has seen large number of 100% Recycled Polyester yarns come to market.