Ben Beard



Ben isn’t a Harvard Graduate or a member of Mensa. He’s just a down-to-earth guy who loves solving problems, finding a better way and making things as simple as possible for his customers.

He credits his success to a childhood that encouraged exploration and gave him the confidence to go after his goals, without going through the usual study or career journey.

In some ways Ben is still a child. He’s excited by clever techniques and designs and ideas. And he gets a buzz from tipping things on their head or rearranging pieces of the seemingly impossible to create wonderful new possibilities.


What’s your biggest peeve?

Double handling or over-complicating tasks.


Do you have a favourite quote?

My Grandfather used to say “Genius will not. Education will not. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”


What was the first concert you ever went to?

Bruce Springsteen at QEII


What’s your idea of fun?

I reckon every day at work is fun. But I do also like sneaking away for a hit of golf.


What was your biggest buzz this year?

Fishing with the team on Straddie. Didn’t catch a thing. Didn’t care.