Olivia Ciberlin

Supply Chain Manager


Olivia joined Uniform Link in 2021 to take on the role of supply chain manager. It’s her job to keep work moving through the system as efficiently as possible. She loves getting everybody on the same page so that quality standards are never compromised as everything is delivered on time, or even ahead of schedule!

Rather than getting stressed about the deadlines, Olivia thrives on the buzz of the business. She also loves the banter that bounces around the whole team all day. There’s plenty of good natured ribbing at Uniform Link, and she gives as good as she gets.

For Olivia, work is fun, because the people are great and there’s always something new coming through.


Go to karaoke song

“Man! I Feel like a woman!” Nothing like a bit of Shania Twain to get everyone up on the floor.


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Hot chips with chicken salt, always. The best hot chips just happen to be across the road from our office at Kitchen 8.


Favourite team merch?

I’m a Geelong supporter. I inherited following the Cats from my grandfather and uncles.


What’s your morning ritual?

I’m a big fan of a morning walk to get a dose of Vitamin D and kickstart my day. Mid-morning you’ll find me cranking the office blender making a green smoothie. It looks disgusting, but it’s a great energy boost.


Early bird or night owl?

A night owl at heart pretending to be an early bird around these Queenslanders!