Sonya Hudson

Sales Admin Wholesale and Retail


Sonya is our expert on school uniforms. Her super power is being able to look at a child and instantly know exactly what size they are.

She’s had years of experience helping students and parents to navigate the uniform maze and find exactly what they need for the year ahead. Maybe that’s why she always gets such good feedback about how easy she makes the process from socks to hats, from start to finish.

Before joining our team Sonya was running the uniform shop at Redlynch State School. That’s where she fell in love with the buzz that comes with seeing cute Preppy Kids sooooo excited about starting school. When they see themselves in the mirror, the smiles are off the charts.

Sonya is looking forward to Uniform Link’s move to a new part of Cairns. The new central location in Scott Street is going to be bigger and better and much easier for parents.


Go to karaoke song

Tiny Dancer. Elton John might be ready to hang up his star-spangled platform boots, but the spirit of his song lives on through me.


What are you watching?

On the telly? Ten Pound Poms. On weekends I’m usually watching my boys play footy.


First concert   

Baby Animals in 1993! How good was Suze DeMarchi on lead vocals and guitar?


Would win master chef with my….  

Zucchini Bruschetta. A bit of shredding. A bit of toasting. A drizzle of olive oil. Yum. 


What did you want to be when you grew up?

As a kid I thought I wanted to be a nurse. Probably a good career call in the end. I couldn’t have taken all that shift work.