Sophie Holland

Sales Administrator


Sophie is so calm, so organised and so much fun to work with. In fact, she’s the ideal person to have in the sales admin role because nothing is ever too much trouble. And even when the pressure is on, she’s always smiling.

Since joining Uniform Link at the start of this year, Sophie has become an integral part of the team. We rely on her for all those tricky admin tasks that have to be done well, and completed quickly. Sophie loves the team culture. She also loves the fact that she gets lots of support from her work buddies. Plus, she gets to hang out with people who really know their stuff and are keen to mentor her along the way.

Recently she’s been working closely with Trevor Widderick, our Northern Rivers Sales Manager. It’s given her the chance to see how Trevor connects with people, gets to know and understand their business and creates solutions that can really solve their problems.

All of that knowledge, combined with her great admin skills, makes her the perfect person to chat to. If you have any questions, give Sophie a call. She won’t let down.


Early bird or night owl?

Definitely an early bird. Love getting a head start on the day.


In the movie of your life, who plays you?

I’d have to go with Margot Robbie. I think she’d nail the Kiwi accent.


Go to Karaoke song

Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac.


Most used emoji?

I’m a pretty happy person, so if I do use an emoji, it’s always smiling.