Create a bespoke uniform range that won’t ever be discontinued!

Uniform Link offer a custom pattern making service for those businesses, organisations or schools wishing to create their own bespoke uniform items or range.

The biggest advantage creating a custom pattern through Uniform Link is that there is no risk that your favoured garment style (or fabric) will be discontinued or changed by a third-party supplier.

Because Uniform Link has an in-house pattern maker and full ownership of the supply chain you are guaranteed the perfect fit, consistent fabric and colours with every order.

If your school or business is seeking peace of mind and uniform consistency, talk to us about creating your own custom pattern or garment range – from one style to many – you can count on Uniform Link!

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  • Design your garments to suit your specific needs (hems, pockets, fit, panels and more)
  • Create individual items or a bespoke uniform range
  • Small run patterns available upon request for special circumstances
  • 100s of base designs to choose from and customise
  • Experienced, Australian based in-house pattern maker


In-House Pattern Making

Our in-house pattern maker Jen has more than 30 years’ experience. No spec is overlooked when we create the panel pattern, before scaling it correctly ready for production.

Create A Uniform Style That Everyone Will Love

Design your own garments to suit the needs of those wearing them – and that your uniforms reflect your brand values out in the community.

Alternative to Catalogue Supplied Garments

Our pattern-making service is ideal for clients looking for an alternative to catalogue supplied garments. Especially those looking for consistency in fit, fabric and colours.


Depending on your required delivery timeframes and volume, we will recommend the most cost-effective production or printing solutions to suit your needs and budget.


Uniform Link offer more than just an embroidery service. Our production capabilities also include embroidery, sublimation printing, screen printing, digital heat transfer and more!

And because we have 100% ownership of the supply chain from design to production and logistics, we ensure your garments will be delivered on time.


What is the process for getting a new pattern made?

Our team will take a comprehensive brief or meet with you in person. We’ll discuss the type of garment(s) to be created, along with asking who, where and how the items will be worn. We’ll also discuss any frustrations with past garments so that we can suggest solutions to combat these and ensure that your new uniforms reflect your brand in the best light.

How long does it take for a pattern to be made?

Timeframe very much dependent on garment complexity. There are 28 individual steps required to create each size. This process is incredibly detailed. Simple garments can be created in 1 or 2 days. More detailed garments may take 4 to 5 days.

Is your pattern maker in Australia?

Yes, our in-house pattern maker Jen is based in our Cairns facility! Any custom garment patterns are created locally ensuring we cover all specs from sleeve length, distance from shoulder point to collar, garment length, hem style, pockets, sublimated panels and more. Once finalised, the pattern is then scaled for sizing in preparation for production.