Recyclable fabricNew EcoStar recyclable fabric is starring on and off the field.

Our brand new EcoStar fabric is getting rave reviews. Not only is it made from recycled plastic PET bottles, it’s also one of the comfiest and coolest fabrics you’ve ever worn.

It really is a total gamechanger for almost every uniform imaginable – from teamwear to fishing shirts, school and corporate uniforms.

A star performer for cooling

We won’t ask you to choose between sustainability and comfort, because choosing EcoStar means you don’t need to sacrifice either. It is noticeably cooler than other fabrics – degrees cooler. Perfect for a sunny day or in the heat of competition.

A star performer for UV protection

When you choose EcoStar, you’re not just helping the planet, you’re also protecting your team from harmful UV rays. EcoStar is rated UPF50+ which means 98% of UV rays are blocked. You could say “Slip, slop, slap” has been given an upgrade.

A star performer for comfort

You’ve never felt a recyclable fabric like this before. Seriously. Customers are hooked as soon as they touch EcoStar. They often come back to us to tell us how surprised they are by the feel of a fabric that’s made with recycled polymers.

It’s incredibly cool and light

This climate-controlled fabric is arguably the most pleasant fabric to wear, even in sweltering conditions or on the field

It’s been tried and tested by our own team and the difference from 165gsm performance micromesh to EcoStar is immediately obvious.

Slipping on EcoStar is a completely unique experience. It’s noticeably cooler than traditional 100% polyester micromesh material and super soft to touch.

A great way to recycle harmful polymers

A short sleeve adult polo made in EcoStar fabric is equivalent to an incredible 20 recycled 330ml plastic bottles. That’s a lot of plastic that would otherwise go to landfill, and possibly end up in our waterways.  

Plastic pollution is a marine crisis, and with EcoStar we have a chance to make a real impact. Not only is it a real gamechanger for the person wearing it, but it’s also kinder for the planet, too so everyone wins.

Even a double layered garment feels super light

Take our impressive reversible singlets for basketball. for example. Despite offering 2 layers, players rave about how they can still keep their cool on the court.

Aussie Olympians voted it their fave

Australia’s Tokyo Olympians wore our EcoStar shirts, and they’ve declared it their best gear to date.

But you don’t need to be a professional athlete to enjoy this fabric. This fabric is for everyone and it’s available now.

Endless opportunities for customised branding

We haven’t met a garment yet that wouldn’t work well made from EcoStar. It’s our personal favourite for the gym, on the golf course, fishing and camping, sporting uniforms and we know it’s going to score top marks at schools. The opportunities are endless.

This type of fabric weave works brilliantly for sublimation printing – our most recommended manufacturing method for polos, teamwear and school uniforms.

EcoStar is available now!

The best bit is you can start designing your EcoStar custom branded garment today with the help of a Uniform Link specialist. Get in touch with us here.